Sunday, August 3, 2014

There's Beauty in the Roadside Ditch

Why do these flowers
live in the ditch
for the beauty they have
they should have been rich

Yet in the gutter they lay
homeless they are
while the talents they had
should have taken them far

Musicians and singers
artists and veterans
mothers with children
and youths by the legions

The problem it seems
those who can help just don't see them
and they've really no idea
that they're missing a gem

Their lives could be blessed
if they'd slow down just a bit
and see the homeless as people
rather than mere misfits

But their eyes stay averted
afraid they'll be shook
while in the gutter there's beauty
if they only would look

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

An Act Alway Outweighs An Intention

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. ~Oscar Wilde~

He asked for some food
from out of the gutter
I was already late
and began to stutter

Said I'll be back
but he'd heard that before
he just looked away
yeah, he knew the score

I meant to help
I really did
but then somehow
his life took a skid

Slipping away
he no longer had hope
to rise once again
he could no longer cope

Life itself
had become way too much
but my hesitation
stole his last crutch

For there in the gutter
he'd just given up
I was his last hope
and I'd not filled his cup

Oh what I'd give
to go back in time
and help that poor soul
up out of the grime

The morgue truck came
and took him away

“How the hell was I to know
this was his last day”

There Are Many Who Care

How in our nation
did it ever get this bad
folks living on the streets
losing the lives that they had

No homes, no jobs
no money for food
many our veterans
where's our nations gratitude

Single mothers with children
out there living in cars
I ask once again
how did it ever go this far

But there are many who care
yet there needs to be more
as the homeless community grows
how do the few even the score

Their not keeping up
there's just so much they can give
doing all that they can
for another to live

Clothes at the free store
food at the pantry
folks traveling the street
helping those that they see

If we all do a little
it's not that hard to arrange
and share with another
we just might make a change

Give it a chance
yeah, try it today
you might just be surprised
how much you make someone's day

Winter Streets in the City

He was a poor man

Clothed in rags

The dirt and filth
of the streets
had not only taken toll
of his clothing
but his body as well

Emaciated as he was
with little to eat
he had found his way
into a back alley
to escape the wind
and frozen temperatures
that had come with winter
to the city

What he found
was unbearable
for him to look upon

A dog huddled
in a far corner

Barely skin and bones
could be seen

The dog
looked up in despair




On the brink of death

Tears formed
and ran down his cheeks

As he laid down
the dog didn't snarl
or growl

This poor man was accepted

He gave the dog
the last of his water

His last few crumbs of bread

And his warmth

As they spent their
last few moments
upon this earth

The Homeless Angels

Down on their luck
Life never easy
Days take forever
Nights totally empty

Huddled in corners
On streets that are mean
Having no memory
Of the last time they were clean

Hungry and cold
Often living in fear
At times believing
Their end is quite near

Sure they're the homeless
But there are days they have hope
Knowing the angels will come
And help them to cope

Clothing and shoes
Blankets and food
Given them freely
Brightening their mood

The Homeless Angels of Lansing
Reaching into Detroit and to Flint
Helping these folks who are broken
Offering more than a splint

It's not a hand out
More like a hand up
Removing the void
While filling their cup

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For Those On The Streets

Those that do need
are generally looked past
and when help finally does come
they're receiving it last.

For those that do have
their subsidies grow
but for those on the streets
the common answer's been no.

So where can they go
and what can they do
when they're all worn out
like that old abused shoe?

The answer's not easy
as many folks need a hand.
Well they have new spokesperson
in Shelby Courtland.

Do what you do girl
use the words you've been given
to get the word out
of how the street folks are livin'.